Unknown Source: Creator Info

Hello, I'm Unknown Source. The original creator and maker of the Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Hearthstone and League of Legends team. As I have little experience in hearthstone I still decided to open up a team for those who play it. However I have more experience in Overwatch and CS:GO. I've played CS:GO for about 4 - 5 years before I started getting bored of competitive, even afraid to lose or derank. Finally I found Overwatch. A friend suggested the game to me and always used to go other games that we're "rip off's" compared to the real game. I'm currently climbing the ladder and stuck in Elo Hell - 2000 - 2800 SR. Growing up in family that treated me like I was a Demi God always made me think I could get something I wanted if I did something good, weather it was good marks in school or just really good behavior at special events. Since I had some mental disorders it was a little harder for me growing up to deal with "No". But eventually I realized that I have to be an actually human being and grow up. Which I did. Now I'm more mature as the years go on and the more things I experience, see and do. - Rialey Kelly.