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Wed 31st May 2017 - 6:07pm : General

Rules must be obeyed at all times, otherwise you're at risk of being banned or muted. Thank you!


  • Do not spam the forums with posts/replies. (e.g. You keep making posts and replies that are a couple words long - Edit a post if you have something extra to say, or say it all at once)


  • Do not accuse people of malicious things or things that could potentially be harmful to another(s) feelings.


  • Do not harass or persuade others into doing certain things (or in general). This will automatically result into ban.


  • Do not keep something against another staff, if he/she is doing something wrong, then you may go report him/her. (No questions asked)


  • Keep the forums clean. Do not swear excessively; especially the use of racial words, even if in use of friendly attitude. Minimize swearing (cussing) as much as possible.


  • Keep your attitude straight. (i.e. Saying someone is terrible because of their behavior is a bad attitude and rude. Keep positive and you'll be more respected by our admins)


  • *Mods // Do not accept/deny applications or ban users without an admins permissions unless told otherwise.
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